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Introducing The Next generation of grading dedicated to Trading Card Games and the people who love them

Sign up today and you will be eligible to receive access to our limited Alpha. The Ambr Grading Alpha is a limited launch to ensure we deliver an optimized experience to every customer. During the alpha we will accept Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon cards. You will get the same quality product and service that will be delivered once we open orders to the general public. We're excited to exceed your expectations and set the new standard in the card grading industry. The Ambr Grading Alpha opens in February, 2022.

"The Next Generation in TCG Card Grading"

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Ambr Grading TCG Cases

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Get your Magic: The Gathering or Pokémon card authenticated, graded, and encased.

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  • Subgrades

  • Customizable Labels

  • High-resolution Photos

  • Population Report

  • Digital Authentication Report

  • Digital Grading Summary

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About Us

The Next Generation in TCG Card Grading

We're Specialized

We’re collectors, gamers, and nerds that built Ambr Grading as a proper tech company; we write our own code and are truly experts at the games we work with. Our tech stack, custom software, and processes are designed to delight you at every single step.

We're A Tech-Startup

We’ve got deep roots in the Tucson startup community and believe in leveraging technology and innovation to provide more value and better products to you, the customer. We’re not interested in doing things the “old-school” way - we’re here to do things the BETTER way!

We Know Games Matter

If you're into TCGs you know how frustrating it can be to get the services you need. We created Ambr Grading to change this.

We’re Here To GROW

Our Alpha is designed to help us test our processes and technology to make sure things are done right. We have built our software and systems to get rid of the terribly long wait times that plague the industry; all while ensuring accuracy and consistency.