Alpha Registration Begins for Ambr Grading!

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Daniel Clarke

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Want to be the first to get your cards graded by Ambr Grading? Come find out how and join the Alpha!

Welcome to the beginning of a better grading experience.

Ambr Grading Has Opened its Alpha registration!

Ambr Grading is opening its Alpha registration process to a select number of early collectors! This is your chance to be a part of grading history and have the very first cards sealed in an exclusive customizable Ambr Grading cardholder (unveil coming soon).  By submitting your email, you will be eligible for a code that allows you to be among the first to submit your cards. Order intake begins in early 2022. Sign up at

What is an Alpha?

The Ambr Grading Alpha is a limited launch to ensure we deliver an optimized experience to every collector. Ambr Grading has developed and fully tested advanced methods in authentication and novel algorithms for grading cards with unmatched consistency- Ambr Grading is striving to ensure those same high standards apply to our customer experience before we open up to the greater collector community. 

Why should I be a part of Ambr Grading’s Alpha?

Aside from being among the first to have the best looking, full border, customizable floating-card cases - Ambr Grading is dedicated to giving you, the collector, the best possible authentication and experience. To ensure that we improve, we are only taking a limited number of orders to guarantee an amazing experience. Your orders will help improve the process and change the grading experience for all! There will not be punch and pie, but there will be SWAG. 

When can I submit order to the Alpha?

You can sign up now to be on the Alpha list at:

It is first come first served with the first codes being accepted as early as January 2022. At that point, you will be allowed to submit a limited number of cards using our site.

What to expect?

Once the Alpha begins, you will receive an email with a code and instructions on how to place an order. At that time you will be able to submit an order for up to 30 cards. Ambr Grading guarantees a 30 day return time for one flat price per card that includes every feature we offer (subgrades, detailed reporting, imaging, and more). 

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