Introducing the Ambr Grading Cases

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Daniel Clarke

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A first look at the Ambr Grading Cases

Ambr Grading is proud to announce that its cases are finally ready for their debut. After months of designing, manufacturing, tweaking, testing, and tweaking some more, we present the first generation of Ambr Grading TCG Cases:


The Ambr Grading label is the first of its kind. We developed a method of printing that eliminates paper- the case is the label. Our cases merge designs, colors, and the card games they hold, adding to the aesthetics you already love. As a collector, you will have the freedom to choose how you represent your cards with several options, including label color, game-specific designs (pictures coming soon), borders, and more.  

The Cardholder

We are the first to offer a TCG-specific "floating-card" case that is meant to fit any card that uses the 63mm x 88mm size (MTG, Pokemon, FAB, and more). Unlike cases meant for sports cards, the Ambr Grading cases wrap themselves around your favorite TCG card, giving them a "floating" look. Sturdy optical grade plastic protects your card from ultra-violet rays while giving your card the luster it deserves. 

The Bar-code and QR Code

The scannable codes on the case's back allow you to access your card's information—things like sub-grades, high-resolution post-processing photos, and more. 

Process and Site

The card grading submission process has left a lot for wanting. As collectors and techies, we knew we could do better. 

  •  Ambr Grading's site has been coded from the ground up, with security and personal information protection at the forefront.
  • We have partnered with Pitney Bowes to streamline the shipping portion of the submission process. You will be able to purchase shipping to and from Ambr Grading on our site. 
  • Your order can be tracked in our online portal from beginning to end. You can always see where your cards are, no matter if that is in transit, accepted, or in processing. 
  • Orders will be metered to ensure your cards are processed in 30 days or less. The last thing we want is for you to be without your cards. That said, we will have a rolling queue that will allow you to "get in line," stage your orders and submit when space becomes available, as soon as it is available. What does that mean? Instead of your order sitting on a shelf, it will be in your possession until it can be quickly graded and cased, and sent back to you.  No matter how many orders are ahead of you, you will never have to be without your cards for more time than necessary.

What makes our Cases ideal for TCG?

As collectors and gamers, we feel the aesthetics of the cards bring us just as much nostalgia and joy as any part of the card-collecting experience. There is no reason why the card case shouldn't be just as enjoyable to admire. While our designer on staff is kicking serious butt, keep an eye out for future collaborations with your favorite artists. 

Ambr Grading has developed a thorough authentication and grading process for each TCG we accept. We only accept cards of which we are experts. More TCGs will be added as we hire more experts.

Unlike in the sports card arena, where misprints are underappreciated, we know they are revered in the TCG Community. Ambr Grading will authenticate and grade any misprint, miscut, language, or error from any game we accept.

The only caveat is that the card must fit into the cardholder, must be a factory misprint/miscut except for NFCs, and cannot be altered.

Our Story

Several months ago, the founders of Ambr Grading set out to do something extraordinary- create a TCG-centric grading company that caters to gaming collectors. As customers, we didn't enjoy typing our MTG cards names into boxes for "player's name," and the entire process felt a bit stale and outdated. Worst of all, it was months or years before we could get our cards back from the current grading options without adequate customer support. 

We spent months talking to other collectors and non-collector gamers to see if they shared our concerns. As it turns out, we were not alone, and it was time to make a difference. Our passion for TCGs is what fueled our project from inception to completion- despite setbacks and challenges we could not have possibly imagined. 

In August of 2021, we moved Ambr Grading into the University of Arizona's Center for Innovation, a secure facility where we could start making significant strides in progress. By September, the plans were solidified, and we started acquiring equipment, finalizing our designs and processes. In December, we received our first cases from manufacturing and proved our concepts into reality. By February 2022, we will start accepting MTG and Pokemon Cards for authentication and grading. 


To help spread the word about Ambr Grading, we have decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign later this month. While we have already done a lot of hard work to get to where we are now, we would love to invite you to be a part of our launch! Rewards will include priority on initial grading services (Kickstarter orders first), unique case designs, naming our equipment, and more! Link coming soon!

Our Future

Ambr Grading refuses to sit idle. While we feel we have done a lot to improve the aesthetics of graded card cases, there is much more to be done. As a tech company, Ambr Grading has the means to take card grading and authentication to the next level. While We can't explicitly state what we will offer in the future, progress and partnerships are already underway, and you won't be disappointed.