Who is Ambr Grading?

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Daniel Clarke

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Ambr Grading, the first TCG-centric grading service for trading card games and the people who love them most.

Ambr Grading was founded in early 2021 by a group of nerd entrepreneurs that love gaming and collecting. They recognized the need for change in the grading industry that was failing to keep up with the times and take care of its TCG collectors.   

“We understand the need for a customer-centric, innovative authentication and grading service for the TCG community.”

“We understand the need for a customer-centric, innovative authentication and grading service for the TCG community.”

The card grading industry has existed for several decades with little or no improvements. No sign of a better case, technology-assisted processes, or taking care of their loyal customers through faster turnaround times and beyond. After years of dealing with long wait times, deplorable customer support, and having to submit their TCG cards to sports card grading companies, the founders of Ambr Grading decided to act. 

Ambr Grading has reimagined and reengineered the entire grading experience.

How are we different? Good Question:

  • Customizable, full border cases made from hefty optical quality acrylic. Our cases were designed from the ground up with TCG cards and their collectors as the focus. (Unveil coming soon)
  • Unmatched, computer-assisted authentication processes developed by experts of TCG cards with decades of experience (not by sports cards people). 
  • Rigorous and tested grading algorithm based on cutting-edge research to minimize statistical noise- decreasing subjectivity and delivering the most objective, repeatable grade possible.
  • Ever-improving optimization strategy, the resources, and equipment to make sure your cards are processed quickly.  Delivering on promises is important and we won’t sleep unless your cards are on their way back to you when we say they will be.
  • Real-time order tracking, one-stop shipping and insurance options, an all-inclusive one-price model including subgrades, photos, metadata reports, and more.

Ambr Grading is a customer-centric tech startup located in Tucson, Arizona, and operates in a highly secure lab facility within the University of Arizona Center for Innovation. We are founder-funded, meaning we never have to compromise our integrity or lower our standards to satisfy investors. 

We look forward to serving the TCG collector community and improving as we grow. If you want to get in on the ground level, please sign up at https://ambrgrading.com/alpha to get updates and an invite code when the Alpha opens in early 2022!