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Press Release December 31, 2021

Ambr Grading Goes Live on Kickstarter and Surpasses Funding Goal for its Product Launch for Grading Service of Collectible Trading Card Games (TCGs).

Ambr Grading CEO Emil Tremblay announced their company’s product launch for its authentication and grading service for collectible trading card games (TCG’s) Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering.

The company is introducing the next generation of card encasement technology and is reimagining the trading card game (TCG) grading service with redesigned perfect fit cases, unique and customized labels, and a processing system that improves the entire customer experience.

The Ambr Grading Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its 100% funding goal in less than a week towards its initial goal of $10,000. The company will continue to take pre-orders via the campaign and will unlock additional stretch goals as it hits higher funding levels. Kickstarter pledges focus on pre-orders of Ambr Grading’s card grading service, with additional rewards such as product demos and special podcast guest seats. The Kickstarter campaign runs through Friday, January 21, 2022 7:00pm MST.

Upon the Kickstarter launch, Ambr Grading CEO Emil Tremblay stated, “Our team has been working hard behind the scenes for months getting us to where we are. We are thrilled to be telling the world about how we can make the Trading Card Games world better and hearing loud and clear that many folks want to help us do so.”

Ambr Grading is a technology startup based in Tucson, Arizona with headquarters in the University of Arizona Center for Innovation located at Tech Parks Arizona. It was founded in Spring 2021 in response to an unmet need for improved authentication, grading, and encasement services in the collector card grading industry. The collector card grading industry is estimated to generate approximately $1.5 billion in sales and process over 14 million cards annually.

The team has deliberately focused on trading card games at launch - specifically Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering, and more games will soon be added. Sports cards are not currently eligible for submission but may be added in the future.

Kickstarter is an American public benefit corporation based in Brooklyn, New York, that maintains a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity. The company's stated mission is to "help bring creative projects to life". As of July 2021, Kickstarter has received nearly $6 billion in pledges from 20 million backers to fund 205,000 projects, such as films, music, stage shows, comics, journalism, video games, technology, publishing, and food-related projects. (Wikipedia, n.d.)

Ambr Grading’s Kickstarter campaign pledges start at $5 and can be found on Kickstarter here:

Media Kit

Ambr Grading Kickstarter Product Video

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