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80+ cards

$ 18 /card
  • For large, 80+ card orders

1+ cards

$ 28 /card
  • For orders with 1-9 cards

10+ cards

$ 24 /card
  • For orders with 10-79 cards

Complete Trading Card Grading

Full Service For Every Card


Each card gets:

  • Guaranteed 30 day or less processing time*

  • Premium Floating-Card TCG Slab with Customizable Background & Frame

  • Expert Authentication

  • Twice Evaluated 18-point Grading

  • Complete Digital Report with Subgrades & Metadata, and High-Resolution Photos**

  • First-Class Customer Support

*Processing time is 30 days or less upon receipt by Ambr Grading. Order status must be in "Accepted" status before shipping to Ambr Grading.

**Photo feature is in development but all images will be available.

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TCG's We Currently Accept*:

Ambr Grading accpets Pokemon cards
Ambr Grading accepts Magic: The Gathering cards
Ambr Grading accepts Nostalgix cards
Ambr Grading accepts Dragon Ball Super cards
Ambr Grading accepts MetaZoo cards
Ambr Grading accepts Disney Lorcana cards
Ambr Grading accepts Digimon cards
Ambr Grading accepts Weiss Schwarz cards
Ambr Grading accepts Flesh and Blood cards

*We accept Pokémon and Pocket Monster TCG cards (from 1996-present), Magic: The Gathering cards (all cards), Nostalgix (all cards), Dragon Ball Super cards (DBS only), MetaZoo cards (all cards), Disney's Lorcana (all cards), Digimon Card Game (all cards), Weiss Schwarz (all cards), and Flesh and Blood (all cards).

To provide the best card fit we currently only accept standard TCG cards sized 63 x 88mm. We do not yet accept smaller Japanese sized cards (e.g. YuGiOh or Super Dragon Ball Heroes), and do not accept larger sports-card sized cards such as Topps Pokémon.

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We include everything with every card we grade.

No Up-Charges. No Hidden Fees.

The Next Generation of Card Grading

Better. Different. Actually.

We've taken a fresh approach to provide the highest level of awesome to the people who love trading card games. Check out our features and find out why Ambr Grading is actually different.

Ambr Grading TCG Cases

Fair, Consistent Grading

18 aspects of every card are twice evaluated and entered into our own algorithm, resulting in a consistent and accurate final grade with subgrades on each digital report.

Expert Authentication

Without authentication, a grade doesn't matter.

Ambr Grading employs a sophisticated and thorough process to determine and document the authentication of every card it encapsulates.

Beautiful Custom Labels

Ambr Grading has developed the first-of-its-kind customizable direct-to-case label.

Find the design that brings your card to life!

Next-Gen Premium Cases

Ambr’s case is designed exclusively for TCGs: with unmatched clarity, fit, and Ultra-Violet resistance to protect and showcase your card for eternity.

Game & Gamer Focused

We are gaming enthusiasts; dedicated to combining deep knowledge with decades of experience to serve the collectible trading card game community!

Digital Reports

Every card we grade receives a digital report which includes sub-grades, metadata, and images of your card both before and after it is encapsulated.

Guaranteed Processing Times

Your cards should be with you.

we guarantee a 30 calendar-day or less processing time.

First-Class Customer Support

Our customers are our number one priority. If you ever have an issue you can contact us by email, discord or, social media and we will fix it!

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