Complete Trading Card Grading

Full Service For Every Card


Every card gets:

  • Subgrades & Metadata

  • Premium Floating-Card TCG Slab

  • Customizable Background & Frame

  • Expert Authentication

  • Grading Purpose-Built for TCGs

  • Complete Digital Report

  • High-Resolution Photos

  • Guaranteed Processing Times*

  • First-Class Customer Support

*Processing time is 30 days or less upon receipt by Ambr Grading. Order status must be in "Accepted" status before shipping to Ambr Grading.


Normally $42 /card
Now $28 /card!
No minimum or maximum order restrictions.
Sale ends midnight (11:59pm PST) on November 30, 2022.

Submitting cards is easy!
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TCG's We Currently Accept*:

Ambr Grading accpets Pokemon cards
Ambr Grading accepts Magic: The Gathering cards
Ambr Grading accepts Nostalgix cards
Ambr Grading accepts Dragon Ball Super cards
Ambr Grading accepts MetaZoo cards
Ambr Grading accepts Disney Lorcana cards
Ambr Grading accepts Digimon cards
Ambr Grading accepts Weiss Schwarz cards
Ambr Grading accepts Flesh and Blood cards

*We accept Pokémon and Pocket Monster cards (from 1996-present), Magic: The Gathering cards (all cards), Nostalgix (all cards), Dragon Ball Super cards (DBS only), MetaZoo cards (all cards), Disney's Lorcana (all cards), Digimon Card Game (all cards), Weiss Schwarz (all cards), and Flesh and Blood (all cards).

We currently only accept standard TCG sized cards such as seen with Magic: The Gathering and U.S. Pokémon. This size is typically referred to as 63 x 88mm. We do not yet accept the smaller Japanese sized cards (e.g. YuGiOh or Super Dragon Ball Heroes), and do not accept larger sports-card sized cards such as Topps Pokémon.

We are continually in the process of adding more TCGs - if you have a request let us know.

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We include everything with every card we grade.
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The Next Generation of Card Grading

Better. Different. Actually.

We've taken a fresh approach to provide the highest level of awesome to the people who love trading card games. Check out our features and find out why Ambr Grading is actually different.

Ambr Grading TCG Cases

Fair, Consistent Grading

A high score should mean something, and getting a real "10" should be rare. We use an expert-designed and computer-assisted process to generate accurate and consistent card grades.

Every card that passes through Ambr Grading is graded and verified by at least two highly trained and qualified graders that have completed a rigorous training program. The card’s information is then put into a finely tuned algorithm that produces a fair, consistent grade for every card.

The result: you get a consistent and accurate grade every time.

Expert Authentication

Counterfeit cards exist, and some of them are extremely convincing. At Ambr Grading, dedicated authentication experts submit every card through a multi-step computer-assisted process to verify its authenticity.

Unfortunately many companies DO NOT check for authenticity and rush the process...

You can be confident that every card graded by us is real!

Beautiful Custom Labels

All Ambr Grading labels are beautifully designed by people who know and love TCGs. The results are the coolest labels you've ever seen. And you get to choose which one to use!

We've created custom backgrounds that are purposely designed to match the aesthetics of your card and TCG.

Our labeling process eliminates paper use and reduces waste - the case is the label.

Next-Gen Premium Cases

Tired of the old card cases? So are we. For 30+ years the label and case format for graded cards haven’t changed much.

We designed our floating-card cases with a fresh approach to enhance the aesthetics of your card and maximize protection like never before. Ambr Grading’s cases allow for full-border customization to maximize the appeal of your cards for show and play (looking at you MTG Commanders!).

The result is a beautiful, crystal-clear case that makes your card appear as if it is floating in glass. Our material provides proper Ultra-Violet (UV) resistance to protect your card for years to come!

Game & Gamer Focused

We are gamers. Ambr Grading was founded on the unmet need to properly serve players and collectors of trading card games. Instead of taking in any card, we chose to focus specifically on games. This allows us to better authenticate, grade, and preserve your cards; and ultimately deliver a better product.

Our launch features Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon. More games will be added as we grow and expand.

We are gaming enthusiasts dedicated to combining deep knowledge with decades of experience to serve the collectable trading card game community!

Digital Reports

Preserving your card's data is just as important as the case and label.

Each card we process gets a Unique Identifier (UID) stored forever. You and the people you share it with will always have access to every bit of data about your card.

This comprehensive data includes the card score, subgrades, card classification, qualifiers, notes, and more! We also include high-resolution scans and completion photos for each encased card as it passes through our final Quality Assurance (QA) stage.

Guaranteed Processing Times

Having a card processed within a reasonable time is essential to collectors, players, and us. We know first hand the struggle of waiting months or even a year for a card just to get checked-in for processing - which is unfortunately commonplace in the card grading industry.

We’ve taken deliberate steps to make sure your cards are processed and returned in the time we promise. To accomplish this we’ve taken a fresh approach to how orders are placed and processed and integrated modern shipping and insurance on our website to make everything easier.

Orders will be metered to ensure your cards are processed in 30 days or less. The last thing we want is for you to be without your cards for no good reason. We developed a rolling queue that will allow you to “get in line,” stage your orders, and submit when space becomes available- as soon as it is available.

What does all that mean? Instead of your order sitting on a shelf, it will be in your possession until it can be quickly graded, cased, and sent back to you.

First-Class Customer Support

We’re gamers and nerds, and taking care of our customers is important. We want you to be thrilled with the product you get back from us, and to always feel supported as you chose to do business with us.

Our service includes transparent real-time order status on our website, open communication with you through multiple easy channels to contact us if you have any questions or issues.

At Ambr Grading you come first and will never get a “tough shit” response from us 😜.

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Ambr Grading Slab Features

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Inside the Ambr Grading TCG Slab